Licensing 2019

A US patent application has been filed so we can now disclose the invention to potential joint venture partners or potential licensing or even outright sale of patent rights. After five years this patent is now under examination and is expected to be granted in March of 2019. While we have come up with a couple of preferred embodiments of this invention we are continuing to work on refining the composition of active ingredients to be incorporated into the nasal inhaler.


We can now approach some manufacturers with the experience necessary to handle mass production of the “reservoir” containing TRPM8 agonists, TRPA1 antagonists and other complimentary ingredients.  Assembly of the “inhaler band” is relatively straightforward but will require more evaluations of fabric to be chosen.  Much simpler now that patent protection allows us to discuss requirements with material suppliers.


We anticipate the use of this device in several health related areas:

Relief or Air Hunger – Dysnpea in elderly, cancer patients and COPD

Reducing symptoms related to hydrocarbon emissions and other irritants

More comfortable breathing when suffering from nasal congestion

Chronic Cough



It is difficult to locate marketing numbers for Nasal Inhaler devices containing Menthol and/or other agonists targeting the TRPM8 receptors or antagonists for TRPA1 receptors.

We do know that cough and cold symptom relief is a multi-billion dollar OTC market.   Halls cough drops alone have over 300 million dollars spent annually on advertising alone.  Looking at what Vicks products for inhaling vapors, cylindrical inhalers and cup or other vaporisers likely have sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year worldwide and this new invention has a number of features that improve on existing devices.

Patent protection when granted should provide exclusive access for this new invention where even a 5% market penetration could provide sales well in excess of 500 million dollars annually.


Our patent agent is also a lawyer and familiar with contract law in the event that you wish to discuss some potential involvement with us.

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