OTC Advantages

Beneficial improvements over existing products are that the user can choose the length of time to inhale vapors with hands free, even while sleeping, and that it will present the strength of vapors needed to stimulate the nasal receptors. An important side effect or further benefit of this nasal band is that it stimulates nose breathing even with swollen nasal passages.

Presents stimulating vapors directly to the nasal vestibules when worn.
*Cough Drops only provide vapors when exhaling and encourage mouth breathing.

Only OpenNose Band generates and directs the soothing vapors into the nose for both short and long term inhalation.

  • Other inhalers or sprays are good for one shot hit and fade away
  • Hand held vaporizers are for short term use.
  • Chest rubs produce weak vapors that you can smell but provide limited benefit.

Wearing the Nose Band encourages nose breathing:

*Nose breathing improves oxygen uptake in lungs from both a longer exhalation time and flow of nitrous oxide from sinuses into lungs during inhalation where it produces a vasodilation effect.

*NO concentrations in the sinuses exceeds that needed for antimicrobial effects in vitro. Nose breathing moves the NO throughout the respiratory system and MAY provide a more rapid recovery from infection.


Menthol vapors have been shown to have antitussive effects so other TRPM8 agonists may provide similar benefit.



It is difficult to locate marketing numbers for Nasal Inhaler devices containing Menthol and/or other agonists targeting the TRPM8 receptors.   We do know that cough and cold symptom relief is a multi-billion dollar OTC market.   Halls cough drops alone have over 300 million dollars spent annually on advertising alone.  Looking at what Vicks products for inhaling vapors, cylindrical inhalers and cup or other vaporisers likely have sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year worldwide and this new invention has a number of features that improve on existing devices.

Patent protection if and when granted should provide exclusive access for this new invention where even a 5% market penetration would provide sales well in excess of 500 million dollars annually.

Professional patent searches have not found any existing products or patents that would prevent the grant of a strong patent, however there is always the risk of having any granted patent to have narrower claims approved than requested in the patent application.

The total OTC market in China is approximately 10 Billion Dollars.

*J&J have the most successful penetration in the Chinese Market out of all major Western Pharm companies.

*Chinese Pharma companies that could easily integrate this invention into their markets would be Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group or Harbin Pharmaceutical Group the two largest OTC manufacturers in China

While we have prototyped a couple of preferred embodiments of this invention we are continuing to work on refining the composition of active ingredients to be incorporated into the nasal inhaler.

We can now approach some manufacturers with the experience necessary to handle mass production of the “reservoir” containing TRPM8 agonists and other complimentary ingredients.

Assembly of the “inhaler band” is relatively straightforward but will require more evaluations of fabric to be chosen.  Much simpler now that patent protection allows us to discuss requirements with material suppliers.


Joint Venture or Licensing Opportunity :

Since the market for this device is worldwide patent protection outside the United States should be filed for despite the significant cost of filing these patent applications.  Presently a Provisional Patent Application has been filed in the USA and this gives us a 12 month period in which to decide which countries should have patent applications filed.

Without financial support the current inventor and owner of the patent pending will likely limit his patent applications to the United States and China.  In China a Utility Model Patent providing 10 years of protection is a low cost approach to penetrating that market.

The OTC market for this kind of device is far larger and complex that we can handle without joint venture or licensing agreements.   We have conducted some interviews and demonstrations with local pharmacists and representative end users as well as consulted briefly with a marketing professional working with OTC and health related products.   The patent protection now available will give us the ability to conduct some broader investigations into the sales potential.

Our patent agent is also a lawyer and familiar with contract law in the event that you wish to discuss some potential involvement with us.



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